Our 2018 Season already producing BIG Barra

2018 is already producing BIG Barra, with our  first clients being return clientele, we were blessed with everything we had hoped for. Our fanatical 3 time a year client George landed this 93cm and 90cm barra amongst many other barra caught close to the Lodge. Our guides quickly assessed the conditions realising the back to back big wets have set up the environment for optimum breeding and feeding conditions and are very excited with the high water levels on the plains of Goose Creek for the second year running. History tells us the revival of big barra biting and large numbers of fish being hooked comes hand in hand with consecutive big wets after a long hard stint of dry wet seasons. In fact 5 years of lean wets in this recent cycle and now 2 big wets………………one word from 27 years experience in the NT tropics – “Perfect”.

George 93cm Barra

Our  guides are looking forward to getting guests onto those rock bars and drains they know will produce but at the moment have  found the larger bodies of water in Snake Bay and Shark Bay was where all the action was. Big silver barra coming from the Mud flats and the rock bars in the big bays with plenty of bait on the move, it really was the place to be with all the big girls coming from these areas with exception of Bill Christie who caught this 95cm at the top of Goose. A great sign when the big barra are moving up around the swollen plains waiting for that run off to provide them with the abundant food that run offs do.

Bill 95cm Barra


The first week delivered several Barra in the 90s including sightings and hooked barra beyond most fishos dreams. Every night in the first 10 days we heard the heart wrench stories of the big one they lost, verified by the shattered guides all in a race to get that 1st Metery of the year. We near forgot to mention the Mangrove Jacks and Threadys.

Don Mangrove Jack
Don Mangrove Jack
Graham Mangrove Jack

Blue water results varied with multiple Big Jewies and just few Golden snapper on the move during slack tides, Northern Blue Fin, Mackerel, GTs and Queenies all landed from the pelagic world.

George Black Jew Fish


All in all a rippa start to 2018 with the feeling around the lodge of anticipation for who will land the first metrey for 2018 !!!! Stay tuned #fishtiwi 

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