About Tiwi Islands Adventures

Situated 60 kms to the north of Darwin, Melville and neighbouring Bathurst Island are collectively known as the ‘Tiwi Islands'; the home of the Tiwi people and the home of Tiwi Islands Adventures.

Known for its tropical climate, its small and friendly indigenous population and its exclusive fishing, there is very little infrastructure on the Tiwi Islands, and they are not open to the public for tourism, except on organised trips operated by Tiwi Islands Adventures.

Our remote and remarkable area consists of thousands of square kilometers of eucalypt, paperbark and monsoon vine forest, coastal wetlands, secluded waterfalls and deserted beaches. An extensive array of mangrove lined river and creek systems, sand flats, bays, inlets and coastal reefs, all abundant with marine life, means the Tiwi Islands are also an unspoiled angler’s paradise.

We operate from two remote yet comfortable locations on the Tiwi Islands; Our Melville Island Lodge headquarters situated on the shores of Snake Bay, plus our ultra-remote Johnson River Camp situated in the picturesque upper reaches of the Johnson River on the east coast of Melville Island.

Access to the Tiwi Islands is via Darwin. From Darwin you will be transported to the islands by light aircraft, a scenic 30 minute private charter flight.